5 Gift Ideas for the College Grad

College graduation is one of the biggest milestones that we come across in our lives. It symbolizes the end of pulling all-nighters, anxiety-wretched exams, and living off instant ramen three times a day. It also means a new beginning and entering the world in being an adult. It’s something one should definitely celebrate with a bang. And a celebration won’t be complete without presents from friends and family who have supported and cheered them along to reach this achievement.

Gift Ideas for the College Grad

Know someone who’s graduating or just graduated? Here are some fun and practical gift ideas to give them!

A Ticket to Adventure

What do college grads want after enduring at least four years of schoolwork? A vacation! Take your child or buddy to a place that he’d wanted to go, or be adventurous and sought out new places. They will surely love being away cooped up in their rooms, be able to unwind, and explore the world. It doesn’t have to be pricey such as going to Fiji or Macau. Even just a road trip or backpacking in the woods will definitely count as a vacation.

New Furniture for New Beginnings

Like as mentioned before, this is a first step for them in becoming an adult. One of the things they would do is move out from their old dorm or house and move in to something new to go with their new start. A new home means that they would be getting some furniture and some appliances to go along with it.  Why not get them these, since they will definitely use these things often and will lessen their expense in buying them. It is one practical gift they will surely love to receive from someone.

A Planner for the Thinker

Post-college activities often includes job-hunting and going in for interviews. Why not get a planner for the newly grad to help them organize their day and meetings? It’ll be their daily personal companion and that way they won’t clash meetings at the same time.

A Makeover for a New Start

Starting off fresh, a makeover for the college graduate is another delightful gift. Getting them a lucky suit for their first job interview, a gift certificate for a new haircut, and probably some new shoes would be some ideas to give as presents.

Still Clueless? Gift Cards Work Like a Charm!

Still drawing a blank on what to get for the college grad? Then why not get them a gift card from their favorite shop! That way, they’ll be able to pick out what they want and you wouldn’t have to worry of the hassle of present hunting.

I hope this list helps you on deciding what would the perfect gift be for your college graduates. Remember, it’ll always be the thought that counts at the end. Happy Shopping!