Birthday Gift Ideas & Tips

There are gifts and then there are special gifts. Which one do you prefer to give to someone especially during birthdays? You know you want to give something special to someone during their birthday, something that he would really like, something that would make him remember you whenever he takes a glimpse at that gift. It is a common predicament for anyone to come up with a perfect gift. The question is, how can you come up with an amazing birthday gift in such little time?

Gift Ideas

Thinking of something to give to someone is mostly time consuming and quite stressful, if I may add. It gives you a hard time searching for that one special gift that would have to mean something for the birthday celebrant. You consider a lot of things when choosing gifts and most of the time you find yourself confused on what to choose.

You even find yourself questioning if he will like what you have chosen. So to help you with your dilemmas, here are some tips that would save you some time, headache and even money when looking for an amazing birthday gifts:

Associate it with the Celebrant’s Personality

It would be very easy to come up with a gift especially if you have a connection with the celebrant. Whether he’s family member, friend, neighbor, classmates or special someone, it is important that you take note of the things that he might like.

Start with complimenting their personality, persons with sanguine personality usually like bright and colorful things while persons with moody and introvert personality like gifts that are personal like an added collection (books, jewelry, perfumes, movies) or very useful things, and persons with artistic personality would really appreciate artistic gifts (crafty art piece, puzzles, mind boggling games).

Be Vigilant

It does help a lot to be vigilant. You don’t need to be a stalker to know some things about the celebrant like his favorite color, his collections, birthstone, zodiac sign and the things that he currently need or might consider useful in the future.

Scan some pictures on his social media profiles and you’ll be surprise to find out dozens of things about the celebrant just by doing so. You will discover different traits, the majority of the clothes he usually wears, his collections and favorites from music, movies to food.

Trust me, you will discover a lot even without asking. You just have to be mindful, and when shopping, have that list of the things that best describe the celebrant to save some time. But if you already know a lot of things about him, then it would really make your job of finding a special gift a lot easier. You can easily find gifts that will tell your relationship with the person and how close you are with each other.

It doesn’t have to be Unique

Gone are the days of photo frames and figurines as gifts. You just have to come up with something different and special. Although you may want to give something that is unique, you might spend a lot of time and money looking for it.

Unique gifts might be hard to find nowadays even in gift shops. Mass productions are commonly done but if you really want a unique gift, then you can shop online or have your gift personalized by adding different features that may compliment the celebrant.

You also don’t want to give something that is very common and mediocre. Just look for something that seems to be unique in its own way and will best suit the celebrant. Gifts that are considered taboo might be considered unique and a little bit playful with a hint of humor, but then you really have to be close with the person before considering of buying one for him.

Be Creative and Resourceful

It is your time to apply your creative side. Learn new tricks in the internet to creatively enhance a gift. There are gifts that are personalized by engraving the name of the celebrant or even a picture of them.

There are also gifts that made special by adding humor and love to it. Gifts that are personally made are the ones that are mostly appreciated. You can cook or bake something for them, it is still going to be appreciated. As long as you have made an effort, no gifts of yours are to be ignored.

It doesn’t have to be Expensive

Expensive gifts might be considered special but then more often than not, it is still the thought that counts. Gifts could be special for as long as it shows that you exerted time and effort in finding one. But then, please try to find something that hasn’t got the word “cheap” written all over it. Find gifts that are classy and are considered beautiful and nice enough to be kept and considered a memorable one.

Have Your Personal Touch

Nothing beats personal touches. Written greetings and wishes to the birthday celebrant is already expected but adding more to the letter like how you chose the gift and why you chose it could be very touching. It only shows that you value the person and you consider him special. You can also add some drama like giving riddles and puzzles for him to solve before he can accept the gift. It will make the gift giving part more exciting.

Not All Gifts are Tangible

Giving gifts is not limited to the things that can be wrapped. Not all things you can give as gifts, you might also want to consider doing errands or offering your personal service to the person. If you don’t want to spend money, you may want to spend time. Time is gold as they say, so you might as well offer it to the birthday celebrant. It may not be kept but it will always be remembered. But then your time should be well spent and not wasted. It should be something worth remembering.