Gift Ideas for family: A Good Drinking Water Filter.

The perfect Gift for a family: Berkey Water Filter

 Berkey water filter

Today, Berkey water filters are considered one of the top-ranked filter technology products we have in the world today. In fact, many Berkey water filter reviews and Berkey water filter system reviews have consistently shown Big Berkey – its most popular family portable water filter – as one of the industry top vote-getters in surveys all over the globe.

It would be hard to imagine that this water technology couldn’t be better than it already is, especially with its expansion and updated research of its backpack water filters and gravity water system.

But, wait! There is a way in improving Berkey to maximize its water filter technology. Berkey, meet Alkaline water. Alkaline water is more and more recognized by more and more people for its great benefits. Combining these two great water technologies together promises to make Berkey a better product than it already is!

Alkaline Water Benefits

What are the benefits of alkaline water and why are so many people interested in drinking it?

Alkaline water hydrates. Yes, drinking alkaline water replenishes the water you’ve used up in most of your energy-draining tasks. And fast! In fact, alkaline water makes your body learn the difference being sick and being just thirsty because of its immediate hydrating effect to its users.

Alkaline water energizes. Of course, with alkaline water, it concentrates its effect to the body more than any other liquid. It is antioxidant rich, improves your immune and over-all health system, as well as fight aging in the process.

Once alkaline water detoxifies and hydrates your body, you begin to feel the process of being oxygenated again.

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