Gift Ideas for family: A Good Drinking Water Filter.

The perfect Gift for a family: Berkey Water Filter

 Berkey water filter

Today, Berkey water filters are considered one of the top-ranked filter technology products we have in the world today. In fact, many Berkey water filter reviews and Berkey water filter system reviews have consistently shown Big Berkey – its most popular family portable water filter – as one of the industry top vote-getters in surveys all over the globe.

It would be hard to imagine that this water technology couldn’t be better than it already is, especially with its expansion and updated research of its backpack water filters and gravity water system.

But, wait! There is a way in improving Berkey to maximize its water filter technology. Berkey, meet Alkaline water. Alkaline water is more and more recognized by more and more people for its great benefits. Combining these two great water technologies together promises to make Berkey a better product than it already is!

Alkaline Water Benefits

What are the benefits of alkaline water and why are so many people interested in drinking it?

Alkaline water hydrates. Yes, drinking alkaline water replenishes the water you’ve used up in most of your energy-draining tasks. And fast! In fact, alkaline water makes your body learn the difference being sick and being just thirsty because of its immediate hydrating effect to its users.

Alkaline water energizes. Of course, with alkaline water, it concentrates its effect to the body more than any other liquid. It is antioxidant rich, improves your immune and over-all health system, as well as fight aging in the process.

Once alkaline water detoxifies and hydrates your body, you begin to feel the process of being oxygenated again.

Mixing Berkey With Alkaline

Berkey water filter reviews reveal that some innovative companies have discovered the powerful combination of a Berkey water filter product and alkalizing mineral stones. One of its pioneers from Canada, and through its website, Conscious Water demonstrates how alkaline water filters will work effectively, if not better, using the Berkey water filters and Berkey water filter systems.

As an important note, the implications of these two technologies together would be far-reaching than one might imagine. Particularly in developing countries which have a high rate of health and hygiene problems of low and substandard detoxification procedures.

Also, the exciting potential of having Berkey combine with these alkalizing mineral stones would prove wonders, especially to the backpack water filters used by those who have active lifestyles. Imagine having the anti-aging and antioxidant benefits of alkaline water pouring out of your Berkey Sport Bottle!

As mentioned earlier, Conscious Water have acknowledge Berkey water filters as the world’s most effective and economical personal water purification system today. Conscious Water knows Berkey can be depended on whether at home or in emergency crisis situations. The real big test is – will Berkey be able to alkanize water?

Conscious Water’s answer, of course, is an emphatic YES! It has created the drinking water technology of the so-called Maifan stones, which are actually alkalizing minerals, together with the bio-ceramic energy balls to the bottom chamber of the your particular Berkey unit and, presto! You have turned your Berkey water filter system into an Alkaline Water Filter!

What is the advantage of the Alkaline Water Filter? Conscious Water avers that an Alkaline Water Filter can increase your water’s pH by as much as 100%!

You can virtually transform your Berkey water filter into a very cost-effective alkaline water filter. Conscious Water offers the alkalizing mineral stones for a mere $39 dollars. These special minerals can weigh up to 600 grams, or 1.3 pounds, and will last until 3 years at the most.

Important note: pH, in chemistry, is the measure of the acidity or basicity of an aqueous solution. Water, in its pure state, has a pH level near to 7. This means that an alkaline water filter attempts to reach the pH level of water in its pure state in order to say that it works or is effective. pH is computed using a logarithmic method.

What’s more, having your Berkey purifier use these alkanizing mineral stones boost your Berkey water filter system’s own health and hygiene performance by as much as 100% with the minimum of cost (roughly calculated at only half a cent per liter).


Conscious Water, in its home page, states that “One package of stones are intended to be immersed in approximately 8-9 liters of water, perfect for a Berkey Light, Big or Royal Berkey. If using in a Travel Berkey, immerse about half of one box. If using in an Imperial or Crown Berkey, buy 2 boxes.”

Berkey Plus Conscious Water Equals Alkaline Water

Now that we have a pretty good idea of the benefits of the combination of these two water technologies and the possibility that such could be done, how do we go about it?

How do we go about using Berkey water filters to make alkaline water? Take note that some Berkey water filter system reviews actually mention Conscious Water as the ideal Berkey partner for making alkaline water.

The first step, of course, is to place the so-called Santevia alkalizing minerals in the bottom chamber of your Berkey water filter product, specifically in the bottom reservoir of your Berkey unit or glass water dispenser.

Conscious Water explains that the “naturally occurring Maifan stones infuse highly beneficial and absorbable calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, and zinc into the water. The stones continually release these easily absorbed ionized minerals into your water.

Tourmaline in the stones increases the water’s pH to alkaline. Bio-ceramic energy balls break water molecule clusters into smaller structures for greater bio-availability and emit the beneficial far-infrared light spectrum, energizing the water.”

Conscious Water, of course, provides its breakdown:

  • Alkaline water is already defined earlier.
  • Bio-ceramic is created by mixing up the different alkalizing mineral stones and warming them up at extremely high temperatures so that the main minerals of Tourmaline try to turn the water to alkaline.
  • The energy balls create a physical reaction in terms of creating potential negative ions because of the weak ionization link between water and magnesium.
  • Bio-availability is the term used by Conscious Water to the shelf life of a nutrient in the human body.
  • Far-infrared light is the term used for that part of the solar invisible ray which has healing benefits to our body.

With all this great news, maybe it’s time to have your Berkey with Alkaline, too, in order to enjoy the added health and hygiene benefits of using the world’s best water filter system with your own alkaline water.