Gift Ideas for Baby Shower

A baby shower is a special event where an expectant mother is showered with gifts, thus the word shower. Although traditionally it was observed to be a women-only-party, men are also invited to be a part of that gathering since the father would likely want to partake on the event as well.

Gift Ideas

Baby showers are also intended only for the first time parents with their first born. Since it’s all about showering the mother-to-be with gifts, as a guest, you are required to bring a gift. It should be easy since it is after all about welcoming a baby. You surely know what a baby would need. You just have to learn the gender and you could easily buy something for the baby or the mother. However, just to make things easier, here are some of the things you could give during baby showers:

Baby Garments and Basic Needs

Baby bags, baby clothes, diapers, overalls, mittens and socks are the basics. But you can add towels, bib or bonnets perhaps. Babies need as much clothes as they can because they tend to grow in size in just a matter of days. And also they need to frequently change clothes because they have this cute habit of puking after feeding. Nevertheless, baby garments would do just fine. You just have to choose bigger sizes so there will be an allowance for growth.

Feeding Needs

You won’t really know if the mother will be breastfeeding the baby but even so, they will still need feeding bottles, nipples and bottle brush, and milk dispenser. The idea is to give them something useful when traveling or even at home. It would really mean a lot to the mother if you give a breast pump. It has a lot of benefits to offer or you can look it up in the internet and you would know why a mother would be glad to receive breast pumps.

Bathing Needs and Hygiene

Soaps, baby shampoos, alcohol, baby oil, baby powder, cotton buds, gauze and sponge are just a few of what you can give as a gift. It comes individually or already packed as set so it would really be easy for you to pick one. You could also give a bath towel, the hooded one, with hand towels. But if you want big then you could give a tub, with a bathing bed. A bathing bed is where the baby is being place so they won’t drown in the tub.

Books and Magazine

Oh yes! It is definitely the best gift. Since it is probably their first time to be parents, it will surely help a lot if you give something that will help them through. Simple books about how to bathe a baby, how to feed the baby and what to expect during the first six months, those books would really make a difference. There are also some books which guide both the mother and the father on how to make things easier for the both of them, since the task of raising the child is not assigned to the mother alone. The gift will definitely serve its purpose.