Gift Ideas for Weddings

Oh everybody loves wedding! It is not every day that one of your friends or family members gets married. It would be a great honor for you to witness such expression of love, but then, you wouldn’t want to attend the event without a gift in your hand right?

Gift Ideas

Sure your presence would mean a lot to them but your wishes for the newlyweds is quite not enough, you should at least give something that would make them remember that you were a part of their special day. And so, to spare you the trouble of going through your mind of what to give, here are some perfect wedding gifts for the lovely couple:

Couple Sleeping Attires

When you talk about wedding, you usually think about the night after the wedding. Even the couple is teased with their upcoming honeymoon. And to make them really remember that you were a part of their wedding, why not give them something with a touch of naughtiness? Sleeping attires for couple is just the perfect thing. It will always bring smile on their faces whenever they see it or wear it. You’ll never know, maybe it’ll become their favorite wardrobe.


It may be enough to be a part of their wedding, but wouldn’t it be something great that you help build up the foundation of their marriage? You are not a marriage expert so better leave it to the books. Books about starting a family, how to have a lasting marriage or even inspiring books that would somehow influence their marriage would really be something worth keeping. It simply means that you care and you want them to have a happy and lasting married life.

Starter Set

Wedding means a start of a new family. Unison of two people with separate lives and now taking the next step and that is to live as one. And to be part of that unison, you could give a starter set such as new set of appliances, new kitchen wares, dining set or anything that you think they will need when they enter their new home. You could easily buy these things in stores so it won’t really be a great inconvenience for you. However when you choose what to buy, you must think of what the couple would probably need. To make it easier, ask the couple if they have a list of things that they need for their new home. It would no longer be a surprise on their part but it would surely mean a lot if they know that you are willing to help them through.

Photo Frames

Ordinary, but since they would be making new memories as husband and wife, they would need something to treasure those memories. However, don’t give them an ordinary picture frame. Personalized those frames, give them something that has their initials or names on it. Attach a note to explain why you chose to give a frame. It would mean a lot to the couple and they would treasure it for sure.