Gifting the New Mommies

One of the greatest accomplishments for a woman to come across in her life is becoming a mom. Having to carry for nine months inside her a growing little boy up to the day she gives birth; having to finally cuddle the little of bundle of joy in their arms. It is one amazing journey they have been through. Now, they’re going into another amazing one, which is motherhood.

You just have a friend or relative who just gave birth, and you have no idea what to get for her. What does a new mom need? Motherhood will be will be rocky and tiring at times, from late night feedings to endless diapers changes and cleaning. A few things from this list will make as perfect gifts to give the beginning mom on her journey.

gift for mommies

A Spa Certificate

From all the stress and work moms had to go through during her months of pregnancy right up to giving birth, they need a break. Why not give her the gift of relaxation? A treat out to a massage or facial may just be what she needs to relax and feel energized.

Baby’s Book

Every mother wants to treasure the little moments of their baby as they grow, especially their moments of “firsts”. Getting a new mom a baby’s book will let her be able to keep all the moments as they happen.

Baby’s Bag

A stylish, organized, and heavy-duty diaper bag is a need for new moms. They carry almost everything that they need whenever they head out with the kids. This is a mom’s go-to bag to any kind of baby emergency such as a diaper change when out of the house.

Scented Candles

Scented candles, even when unlit, just make the room smell great. They even tend to nullify the pungent smell when doing a diaper change. Plus, there have been other articles suggesting that certain smells can stimulate the brain to feel relaxed and at ease. Get some candles for the new mom to place in her bedroom, bathroom, and even in the baby’s room.

Complete Baby Starter Kit

Above all else, a new mom needs the necessary paraphernalia needed for taking care of her newborn child. She’ll probably feel overwhelmed thinking what would be some of the things she needs to buy for the baby. As a present, a baby starter kit will be perfect. The kit will include a few pairs of diapers, some baby bottles, baby clothes, blankets, towels, and if it’s in your budget, a sterilizer.