The First Year: Gifts for One Year Olds

The first year of life is a milestone that is something to always celebrate with. One year olds love to play, entertain, and just keep themselves busy. When deciding to get a present of a one year old, consider that they like to use all their senses when they play, and are very curious with their surroundings.

gifts for toddlers

Ride-on Toys

Ride-on toys are fun for kids. It keeps them busy for hours scooting around in wheels, and it allows them explore their surroundings. They can pretend that their out travelling the world or even going downtown.

Sippy Cups

Kids like to think big of themselves, and they often want to eat together on the family table. The thing though is, they can get pretty messy when a plate of food, and especially with glass of juice is placed in front of them. Try getting them their own sippy cup, so that they can sit down together with the family during dinner and a reduction of the risk of juice spillage to occur.

Potty/Toilet Trainer Seat

Turning one year old welcomes you into the toddler phase. And one of the most important activities to learn when becoming a toddler is to be toilet trained. Potties today come in a variety of designs, colors, and shapes. Get a potty that your child would like to make toilet training a fun exercise rather than a chore.

Bath Time Toys

Most kids enjoy bath time. For them, bath time is the equivalent of heading out to the beach and swim. Getting kids bath toys that they can play with during bath time would make baths more enjoyable. Get them toys that squirt, lights up, floats, and moves.

Push and Pull Toys

As a child grows, they develop their motor skills. Push and pull toys are fun items that will help kids develop motor skills and imagination as they play along. Try getting them an animal push and pull toy. If you’re not sure to have pets around, kids would enjoy pulling or pushing an imaginary pet.


A first year is also the year of many firsts. One of these would be the child’s first steps. Get a one year old a walker that would help and teach him how to walk around, while keeping himself safe. A walker that lights up and makes sounds will keep your young one entertained as he makes his first steps.