Toddler Thoughts: The Search for Thoughtful Gifts for Toddlers

Searching for a gift for a toddler and don’t know what to give? We’re here for you.

The toddler years are the moments where learning and curiosity overpower the mind. It’s usually when they would wonder about the world around them, and tries to develop autonomy within themselves. Imaginative play is very common, and they would usually try to follow and make-believe being grown-ups. With that said, here are some gift ideas for toddlers.

gifts for toddlers


Puzzles are well, puzzling. It helps make the toddlers think that if you put certain pieces of different shapes in specific places, you’ll end up with a new and bigger photo. This will test out their recognition of shapes and where they fit, and would give them a sense of accomplishment when finishing the big picture.

Bedtime Story Picture books

There’s no limit to what the toddler ponders in his mind at night. Getting them picture books to read would make them look forward to getting into bed. No more dealing with the troubles of pre-bedtime tantrums. It also puts their imagination into overdrive, even making up parts of the stories as they go along or until they fall into a deep slumber.

Role Play Toys

Toddlers like to make-believe, often termed as “imaginative play”. They usually imagine themselves as adults like being a cook, a carpenter, a princess, or even something mythical like a mermaid. Getting them playsets that let them fulfill their imagination. Examples would be a mini kitchen for the curious chef, a pair of wings for the blossoming butterfly, and even full on mermaid swimsuit for the magical mermaid. There’s hundreds of playsets that you could get a toddler, just as there are hundreds of things he imagines himself to be.

Snuggies or a Stuffed Plushie

Toddlers would often have a security object, like a blanket, that they would carry around with them. It will always be their go-to item. Whenever they feel scared or hurt, they usually would hug these and feel better. Getting them a snuggie or a stuffed toy like a teddy would make them feel loved, and they would have this thought in mind that you care for them and want them to be safe too.

Building Blocks

Two year olds love to build stuff, and a perfect present to give the blossoming builder would be an assortment of building blocks, where they can build their towers to how high as they please.

That wraps up about the gift ideas for toddlers. Always remember, get them something that would stimulate them to learn, build, imagine, and be creative. I hope that these gift ideas will help you find the perfect gift for your toddler for any occasion.